A. We accept returns up to two weeks after the original purchase date. Your item must be returned in new condition (not worn, stained, etc). Contact us in advanced at [email protected] if you need to make a return. You will not have to pay extra for shipping; we will reimburse you. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed.


A. We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover cards. Or regular account payments through PayPal.

Q. How long does it take for my product to reach me? I live in the United States.

A. It generally takes about 3-10 days (depending on how fast the mail courier walks). USPS Priority mail (Tracking) 

Q. Hey what about me, I live outside the USA, how long?

A. International orders can take approximately 2-3 1/2 weeks depending on where you are located. International items can not be tracked once they enter the destination country.

Q. I didn't receive my package in the aforementioned time frame, what should I do?

A. You should wait just ooooonnnne more day...then if it hasn't come please feel free to contact us using the contact page and we'll either track that sucka down or ship you a new one.

Q. Next Level or Gildan shirts? What's the difference?

A. Have you ever worn silk drawls while sky diving? Welp, that's how light Next Level feels on your skin! Premium! Gildan is pretty standard. Next Level isn't available in XXXL-XXXXL sizes, so we substitute with the Gildans.

Q. Are your shirts pre-shunk? Do they fit true-to-size?

A. YES, they are pre-shunk 2 times. If you dry in on high heat long enough, sure it will shrink.

Q. Okay, okay, yes I know I really wear a size XXL but tried to impress my friend and ordered a small. ...can I send it back to you for the correct size?

A. Tsk. Tsk. Sure! Shipping is on you though. Next time impress them with a card trick...

Q. How'd you come up with the slogan for the shirts anyway?

A. Wait! You mean to tell me you haven't seen our videos?! Shame on you. Report to http://youtube.com/digiartbox and watch ALL the episodes.

Q. Hey my name is _______ can I rip you off by printing my own shirt with your logo and sell them WITHOUT your consent at major and minor skate jams/rinks?

A. Hi _______ Absolutely NOT! All material here is Trade Marked and Copy written. Besides why would you want to undercut a hard working grass root organization bringing positive change to the skate community one shirt and video at a time? A quick buck isn't everything.

Q. What do you use to maintain your beards?

A. Nothing but Juices and Berries!

Q. Just watched the videos and I think you guys are hilarious! How do you come up with the ideas?

A. Observation mixed with exaggeration. Simple. Lots of ideas are birth through a ridiculously long facebook inbox chat and road trips. Thanks for watching! Don't forget to check the outtakes.

Q. What if i don't skate, can i still wear the shirt or say "I would but it's my skate night?"

A. Only on Monday's and Sunday's and everyday in between.

Q. Can i put the Skate Night stickers on my car?

A. You could... but these are "indoor" stickers. It's not recommended to put them on your car, it won't last under the elements. Hey, its only 1 dollar, put it on your computer or fridge er something.

Q. Can i make a color suggestion?

A. Sure, email us...love to hear from you.

Q. Now that you have this fancy dandy super easy to use store, does this mean you will not be vending at events?

A. We Love You, of course we will be at the next event. In the case that we are stuck in traffic feel free to shop at our store.